Live from BlogHer!

This dispatch is coming directly from a ballroom at the BlogHer conference, where I’ve been staffing Joby’s table in the sponsor showcase. We’re debuting our newest product, the Zivio Bluetooth headset. We’ve been giving away advance samples to some of the lady bloggers here at the conference, and the response has been overwhelming!

Early in the day we were mobbed by people, sometimes standing four-deep, to hear about the Zivio and to experience it hands on. It wasn’t long before we ran out of our large stock of headsets, but all day long people kept coming by because they’d heard about our headset and wanted to see it for themselves. I wish we could have accommodated everyone, but some had to leave empty handed.

It’s been a great day here at the conference so far. I met some great new people, connected face to face with some Twitter friends, like the amazing @pistachio, @queenofspain, and @leahjones, and ran into some old friends like @CathyBrooks and Sarah Austin of

It’s fun to see such an amazing group of lady bloggers getting together. Their enthusiasm and energy is contagious. Things are winding up right now, so I’ll cut this post short and adjourn for some post-conference cocktails!

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