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6 Reasons Why I Switched to an iPhone After 7 Years on Android

1. Better Hardware – the build quality of Apple is better than any other phone, irrespective of OS. Period. 2. Fragmentation – just give me stock Android, dammit! And stop the bloatware. HTC Sense was particularly bad (and the battery life was horrendous… which brings me to my next point) 3. Battery life – it’s […]

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Qik Demos Video on the iPhone

Streaming mobile video service, Qik, has demoed a version of their service which will work on the iPhone. As Mashable reports, they will be facing competition from Flixwagon, who will also be releasing such a service. Here’s a video of their demo:

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Choking on an Apple

Not sure what’s going on right now, but it appears that is borked. This can’t be good for the almighty Jobs.

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