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The Holy Grail of Mobile Payments

Long before Foursquare or even Dodgeball was a gleam in Dennis Crowley’s eye, there existed a number of real-time, location-based networks that dwarfed Foursquare in size. They continue to thrive today. Who are they, you ask? Why none other than (more…)

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Twitter’s New Homepage Speaks Volumes

If there was any doubt about the direction Twitter might be headed as a company, I think this new design clears that right up.

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What’s Your Real Twitter Cred? – A Better Metric

People who propose a count of followers or followees on Twitter as a meaningful measure of a user’s “authority” are completely missing the mark. Twitter is a social, interactive tool, so to measure influence properly we need a more appropriate metric. In this post I detail what those measures should look like and why they’re […]

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Qik Demos Video on the iPhone

Streaming mobile video service, Qik, has demoed a version of their service which will work on the iPhone. As Mashable reports, they will be facing competition from Flixwagon, who will also be releasing such a service. Here’s a video of their demo:

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Drink for free all week

Hooray! Web 2.0 Expo is here. What does that mean? Well, beside the fact that there are way more tech nerds in SF than usual, it also means a lot of companies are spending perfectly good VC money to get you liquored up. For all you party animals out there, here’s a quick list of […]

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Facebook F*ck-up

UPDATE [2006-12-03 16:05]: Here’s another article, also from PC World, which talks about how nefarious Facebook’s tracking really is. Not even deleting cookies will prevent it from happening. [my original post] I just came across an alarming article about Facebook’s Beacon which states that apparently Facebook is receiving data on users activities outside of Facebook. […]

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