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Bike Ride of Death

In about 18 hours from the time of this post I will be on a bicycle, attempting to ride 150 miles, or until I die, whichever comes first.

I’ll be leaving AT&T Park in San Francisco, headed to wine country for the MS 150 – Waves to Wine charity bike ride to fight multiple sclerosis. It will be my second time doing this ride. I rode last year with a bunch of my friends, and I had so much fun that I thought, “why not do it again?”. Well, that plan would have been great except for the fact that for the past three months I’ve lead an almost entirely sedentary lifestyle. This argely because of my work schedule, but in part also due to my inherent laziness (inertia is a powerful thing).

So now I’m staring a 150-mile bike ride in the face with practically no training. I suspect things will probably turn out ok, but not without a little bit of pain first. Then again, it’s nothing compared to actually having multiple sclerosis.

If you’d like to sponsor my crazy little endeavor, I would be honored if you clicked through to my donor page.

All the money goes to a very good cause (no, not my wine collection) – the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Donations can be made through October 30, 2007. Thanks in advance!