Sex Up Your Shopping Cart

It’s not often I get excited about shopping carts. But I just discovered Foxy Cart and it looks like the shopping cart solution I’ve been wanting for as long I can remember.

At Joby we use Netsuite for our shopping cart, and one of my chief frustrations is how locked in we are to their shitty UI design. It’s truly awful. It takes at least 6 steps to get through the entire checkout process, entering discount codes is completely unintuitive, and customizing the look and feel is very limited and a pain in the ass.

FoxyCart seems to solve most of these problems, and I wish I had a project right now that would let me implement it so I could test its full functionality. They let you completely customize the look & feel of your cart using CSS, they make checkout a breeze, and they’re compatible across most modern browsers. They also have fancy features like live rate calculation from most major shippers (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL).

If any of you are looking for a solution out there, I encourage you to check it out, with the caveat that it’s still in beta, so it might not have 100% of the features you want. But so far it’s looking pretty darn good.

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