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Less is More

The most recent SF Beta this week was very popular. In fact, it was so popular that the venue was packed to the gills and made it quite difficult to move around or talk to anyone. Apparently, lots of people complained to Christian Perry, the organizer, and he sent a very nice email apologizing for the situation (see below).

In it he generously offers those who were inconvenienced free admission to the next SF Beta for them and a guest. It’s a nice gesture, but I don’t see how offering TWO admissions for every one previous attendee is going to solve overcrowding!

Attendance caps obviously help, but free tickets will just make things sell out faster. And limiting the free tickets to a single date compounds the problem. Hey Christian, how about giving out a code for redemption at any future event?

Hi again,

First off, apologies for the higher-than-average number of emails.

Over the last 24 hours, I have recieved a number of comments about the recent crowd levels at SF Beta. Many of you wrote to me about Tuesday’s mixer, saying that the crowding impacted your ability to enjoy and get value out of the event.

We have been fortunate to see SF Beta attendance reach record levels over the last year, for which we are extremely grateful. That said, it appears that we are now at a point where the quality of the event is suffering from the number of people in the room.

Moving forward, we are making two adjustments to address this. First, we are imposing a strict 550-person cap on attendance, approximately 20% below our current level of 650-750. Second, we will request that attendees check backpacks and laptop bags at the door, making it easier for everyone to navigate the room.

If you felt that your personal experience of Tuesday’s event was adversely impacted by the crowding, please let me know. We will extend a complimentary pass to our next event, on September 13, for you and a guest.


Christian Perry
Producer, SF Beta