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6 Reasons Why I Switched to an iPhone After 7 Years on Android

1. Better Hardware – the build quality of Apple is better than any other phone, irrespective of OS. Period.

2. Fragmentation – just give me stock Android, dammit! And stop the bloatware. HTC Sense was particularly bad (and the battery life was horrendous… which brings me to my next point)

3. Battery life – it’s just better. Integrated hardware & software gives Apple the advantage of being able to optimize battery life.

4. Google now has excellent iOS apps – except Google Voice. My life is on Google, and finally I can function on iOS fully (including Calendar push/pull, contact syncing, Google Drive, etc.) The only thing I miss is Google Now as a native integration.

5. Better app ecosystem – especially music, e.g. iRadio (say what you will, developers still produce better stuff for iOS)

6. The iPhone is just sexy

PS: the Droid Maxx looks interesting, but it still has bloatware. Just give me stock Android!