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    Advertising FAIL

    Earlier today Yelp! sent out their weekly email newsletter with the following headline: “Put the fun between your legs”. A little suggestive, certainly, but it was the next line that really made me do a double-take: “This Weekly Yelp brought to you by SF Women Against Rape”

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    Facebook F*ck-up

    UPDATE [2006-12-03 16:05]: Here’s another article, also from PC World, which talks about how nefarious Facebook’s tracking really is. Not even deleting cookies will prevent it from happening. [my original post] I just came across an alarming article about Facebook’s Beacon which states that apparently Facebook is receiving data on users activities outside of Facebook. As if Beacon hasn’t generated enough controversy already, Facebook now admits that it tracks logged-off users through partner sites which send data about users back to Facebook. Their most recent admission contradicts earlier statements which said that Facebook does not track users. Initially I was of the opinion that Beacon was just the next logical…