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Links for 2009-01-22

Woman auctions her virginity for $3.8 million (and counting) ( Zappos CEO on how to build a brand online without spending a fortune on ads (BrandWeek) 37 Signals has a creative way to reduce credit card chargebacks – via @superamit

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Can Tipjoy Make Micropayments Into Megabucks?

I’ve been interested in the micropayment space for a long time now. I think it’s a promising market, and one that is just waiting to be addressed well. A while back I discovered a service called Tipjoy, which started as a Y Combinator funded project. I liked it the first time I saw it, and […]

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Timing Is Everything – Umbrellas for Sale!

Have you ever noticed how, in many cities, when it starts to rain, people magically appear with a whole lot of umbrellas for sale? They don’t seem to come from any particular place, and as soon as the rain disappears, so do they. I’ve always wondered where these people come from, and how it is […]

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Live from BlogHer!

This dispatch is coming directly from a ballroom at the BlogHer conference, where I’ve been staffing Joby’s table in the sponsor showcase. We’re debuting our newest product, the Zivio Bluetooth headset. We’ve been giving away advance samples to some of the lady bloggers here at the conference, and the response has been overwhelming! Early in […]

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Twitter Transparency

I’ve been working on a post talking about the challenges that Twitter has faced lately and why I think they’re on shaky ground these days, but before I get a chance to finish it and post it here I figured I’d link to a post on the Twitter blog where they answer a number of […]

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Getting Satisfaction

The awesome folks over at Get Satisfaction launched two sweet new features today. I’m extremely pleased to add that Joby was among the very first to implement beta versions of their new Help Center software. Over the past few days I’ve been working on getting our Joby version of the Help Center up and running, […]

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Bonjour de Genève

Greetings from Geneva! I’m working out of our European office this week after attending CeBIT in Hannover last week. The tradeshow was huge, with over 500,000 people attending. And although it was a lot of work, we got some great leads, maintained our existing business relationships, and had a lot of fun in the process. […]

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Going to CES

I’ll be at CES in Las Vegas next week, representing Joby and promoting our new product offerings. Come visit us at booth #71037 in the Sands! If anyone will be in Vegas, drop me a line at peter [at] I’ll try to post some updates from the field, so watch this space for more […]

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