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    A.P. Achieves New Depths of Cluelessness

    You really couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. The Associated Press is well on its way to becoming the RIAA of the news industry. Their latest stunt involves one of their VPs sending a cease and desist letter to a Tennessee radio station (WTNQ), asking them to remove an AP video they had embedded on WTNQ’s website from YouTube. The source of the YouTube video content? None other than the AP’s own YouTube channel. That’s right – the AP’s right hand doesn’t even know what it’s left hand is doing. I guess no one told their legal department that they actually have their own YouTube channel on which…

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    This guy created an incredible original composition from a number of different YouTube songs & videos. If this doesn’t make a strong case in favor of Creative Commons, I don’t know what does.

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    HDTV Comes to the Internets

    I recently discovered that video site Vimeo has added the ability to upload and view high-definition videos on its HD channel. The results are pretty incredible. Not only does HD look amazing on the Internet, Vimeo’s FAQ page about their new HD feature claims that you can even play their videos on your HD TV and you’ll get the same quality. I have yet to try this, since I don’t own an HDTV myself, but I’m curious to know just how well it actually works. One thing is clear, however. High definition video blows standard definition out of the water, both on the Internet as well as on TV. I’m…