HDTV Comes to the Internets

I recently discovered that video site Vimeo has added the ability to upload and view high-definition videos on its HD channel. The results are pretty incredible.

Not only does HD look amazing on the Internet, Vimeo’s FAQ page about their new HD feature claims that you can even play their videos on your HD TV and you’ll get the same quality. I have yet to try this, since I don’t own an HDTV myself, but I’m curious to know just how well it actually works.

One thing is clear, however. High definition video blows standard definition out of the water, both on the Internet as well as on TV. I’m very excited to see where this ends up going, because just as video was the future of the Internet back when everyone else was just posting static images, I’m convinced that high def is the new future of video.

Now if only the US could improve its broadband standards to be on par with those in Japan and western Europe, then we’d really have something.

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