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    Tethered Thunderbolt Faster Than My Office DSL

    I love my new Thunderbolt Android phone on Verizon’s network. It’s a battery hog, but I’ve managed to tease out almost a full day’s usage with judicious battery management. The best thing, though, is Verizon’s 4G LTE network, which kicks ass. I just moved into new office space in downtown SF, and we have AT&T’s DSL here. We’ll probably get a new provider soon, though, because the Internet speeds suck. As an experiment I’m tethering my Thunderbolt to my laptop today, and after a quick speed test it’s clear that my tethered Thunderbolt kicks my office DSL’s ass: Office Internet Speed This is actually much better than average, maybe because…

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    HDTV Comes to the Internets

    I recently discovered that video site Vimeo has added the ability to upload and view high-definition videos on its HD channel. The results are pretty incredible. Not only does HD look amazing on the Internet, Vimeo’s FAQ page about their new HD feature claims that you can even play their videos on your HD TV and you’ll get the same quality. I have yet to try this, since I don’t own an HDTV myself, but I’m curious to know just how well it actually works. One thing is clear, however. High definition video blows standard definition out of the water, both on the Internet as well as on TV. I’m…

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    A Short-Lived Affair

    There are few tech things I love more than my dear, sweet Blackberry (recent crashing issues notwithstanding), but one thing that comes close is Twitter. So what could be better than something which marries the two? In an attempt to do just that I downloaded Twitterberry the other day to test it as a client on my Blackberry. Unfortunately, I found it to be a great concept but poorly executed. It contrasts starkly with the fluid, effortless UI of the Blackberry. My chief complaint is that it’s too difficult to see updates from your friends when using Twitterberry. The screen defaults to an input screen where you can enter tweets,…

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    Drink for free all week

    Hooray! Web 2.0 Expo is here. What does that mean? Well, beside the fact that there are way more tech nerds in SF than usual, it also means a lot of companies are spending perfectly good VC money to get you liquored up. For all you party animals out there, here’s a quick list of the Web 2.0 parties going on this week.