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    Give Good Email

    Calendly use seems to provoke strong feelings – especially so on Twitter – and a recent tweet from Sam Lessin complaining about Calendly etiquette as a “naked display of social capital dynamics” reminded me of my longstanding thesis that human interactions cannot simply be “solved” with technology. In fact, I think Sam’s particular issue has little to do with the mechanics of Calendly almost everything to do with the ability to carry on polite human interaction via email and the internet. I was long hesitant to embrace Calendly for fear of the exact perception issues that Sam outlines (and which many a tweet has railed against), but I’ve since come…

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    Capping off 2021 with Canelés de Bordeaux

    To cap off the year I decided to try something new – baking one of my favorite pastries: Canelés de Bordeaux. Canelés done right are an amazing creation – a crunchy, caramelized outer shell contrasting with a rum and vanilla infused soft custard middle. They’re also fickle, with a myriad ways for things to go wrong (mushrooming, white butts, sagging, etc.). With the help of an excellent recipe that consolidates a bunch of research and tips from other bakers, I was fortunate to pull off perfect canelés on my first attempt. Canelés involve a number of steps that must be done carefully and in the right order, so attention to…

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    Since my blogging is so infrequent, mostly due to the fact that it’s a little tedious posting short missives and links, I’ve started a Posterous account. You can find my posts over here. I will still continue to blog in this space from time to time; in fact, I’m working on a post right now. But this space will be mostly reserved for more substantive and/or thoughtful posts, whereas my Posterous account will be for the fun, quick, easily consumed bits of info.

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    So I’ve done the blogging thing off and on since 2000, but most of the time I’m too busy living life to blog. Nevertheless, I’m giving it another shot now. I’ve somehow managed to post a Daily Peter almost every day for three weeks, so perhaps this blogging thing might end up being a semi-regular occurrence as well!