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    A Short-Lived Affair

    There are few tech things I love more than my dear, sweet Blackberry (recent crashing issues notwithstanding), but one thing that comes close is Twitter. So what could be better than something which marries the two? In an attempt to do just that I downloaded Twitterberry the other day to test it as a client on my Blackberry. Unfortunately, I found it to be a great concept but poorly executed. It contrasts starkly with the fluid, effortless UI of the Blackberry. My chief complaint is that it’s too difficult to see updates from your friends when using Twitterberry. The screen defaults to an input screen where you can enter tweets,…

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    Drink for free all week

    Hooray! Web 2.0 Expo is here. What does that mean? Well, beside the fact that there are way more tech nerds in SF than usual, it also means a lot of companies are spending perfectly good VC money to get you liquored up. For all you party animals out there, here’s a quick list of the Web 2.0 parties going on this week.

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    Some things I learned in Europe

    I recently returned from two weeks in Europe, attending a trade show, working from our Geneva office, and then a little fun in Paris. Along the way I learned several things. Here are some of those lessons: Mullets are still very much in style among Eastern Europeans. Europeans still like Americans, even if they don’t understand or like our government. They especially like Americans who hate George Bush. At most hotels parking is relatively cheap, but Internet connections are ridiculously expensive. Swedish expats are kind of like the mafia – they all know each other, stick together, and help each other out. It pays to make friends with Swedes. Parisians…

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    Bonjour de Genève

    Greetings from Geneva! I’m working out of our European office this week after attending CeBIT in Hannover last week. The tradeshow was huge, with over 500,000 people attending. And although it was a lot of work, we got some great leads, maintained our existing business relationships, and had a lot of fun in the process. Now I’m sitting in our Geneva office, with a beautiful view of the Jura mountains and the top of the Jet d’Eau visible above the Geneva skyline.  I’m looking forward to a week of working with my European colleagues. Will post more as the week progresses.

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    Going to CES

    I’ll be at CES in Las Vegas next week, representing Joby and promoting our new product offerings. Come visit us at booth #71037 in the Sands! If anyone will be in Vegas, drop me a line at peter [at] pberg.com. I’ll try to post some updates from the field, so watch this space for more info!

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    Facebook F*ck-up

    UPDATE [2006-12-03 16:05]: Here’s another article, also from PC World, which talks about how nefarious Facebook’s tracking really is. Not even deleting cookies will prevent it from happening. [my original post] I just came across an alarming article about Facebook’s Beacon which states that apparently Facebook is receiving data on users activities outside of Facebook. As if Beacon hasn’t generated enough controversy already, Facebook now admits that it tracks logged-off users through partner sites which send data about users back to Facebook. Their most recent admission contradicts earlier statements which said that Facebook does not track users. Initially I was of the opinion that Beacon was just the next logical…

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    Bike Ride of Death

    In about 18 hours from the time of this post I will be on a bicycle, attempting to ride 150 miles, or until I die, whichever comes first. I’ll be leaving AT&T Park in San Francisco, headed to wine country for the MS 150 – Waves to Wine charity bike ride to fight multiple sclerosis. It will be my second time doing this ride. I rode last year with a bunch of my friends, and I had so much fun that I thought, “why not do it again?”. Well, that plan would have been great except for the fact that for the past three months I’ve lead an almost entirely…

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    So I’ve done the blogging thing off and on since 2000, but most of the time I’m too busy living life to blog. Nevertheless, I’m giving it another shot now. I’ve somehow managed to post a Daily Peter almost every day for three weeks, so perhaps this blogging thing might end up being a semi-regular occurrence as well!