• food

    Snack Stadium Supreme

    Probably the greatest snack food creation I have ever seen in my entire life. Guacamole, salsa, a pound of bacon, and a pile of Twinkies… just to name some of the ingredients. via Anne Hubert. Originally posted on Holy Taco.

  • software

    Sex Up Your Shopping Cart

    It’s not often I get excited about shopping carts. But I just discovered Foxy Cart and it looks like the shopping cart solution I’ve been wanting for as long I can remember. At Joby we use Netsuite for our shopping cart, and one of my chief frustrations is how locked in we are to their shitty UI design. It’s truly awful. It takes at least 6 steps to get through the entire checkout process, entering discount codes is completely unintuitive, and customizing the look and feel is very limited and a pain in the ass. FoxyCart seems to solve most of these problems, and I wish I had a project…

  • Internet,  mobile,  social network

    What’s Your Real Twitter Cred? – A Better Metric

    People who propose a count of followers or followees on Twitter as a meaningful measure of a user's "authority" are completely missing the mark. Twitter is a social, interactive tool, so to measure influence properly we need a more appropriate metric. In this post I detail what those measures should look like and why they're so much better at describing influence.

  • Business,  finance,  mobile

    Can Tipjoy Make Micropayments Into Megabucks?

    I’ve been interested in the micropayment space for a long time now. I think it’s a promising market, and one that is just waiting to be addressed well. A while back I discovered a service called Tipjoy, which started as a Y Combinator funded project. I liked it the first time I saw it, and I like it even more now. The most recent development from them is a tight integration with Twitter which lets people use a syntax similar to Twitter’s direct message function to send payments to other Twitter users. For example: p @peter $0.25 because he finds cool new websites This would create a promise of paying…

  • Business,  travel

    Timing Is Everything – Umbrellas for Sale!

    Have you ever noticed how, in many cities, when it starts to rain, people magically appear with a whole lot of umbrellas for sale? They don’t seem to come from any particular place, and as soon as the rain disappears, so do they. I’ve always wondered where these people come from, and how it is they always happen to have an inventory of umbrellas for sale stashed somewhere nearby, just in case it rains. I’ve experienced this phenomenon in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and even Rome – where I was once caught in a surprise downpour and actually bought an umbrella… for a mere € 2! It continues to…

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    150 Miles or Bust!

    For the third consecutive year I’m going to be hopping on a bike and riding 150 miles (240 km) over two days to raise money for the fight against multiple sclerosis. The ride is called the MS 150 Waves to Wine. It starts tomorrow at the crack of dawn in San Francisco and finishes Sunday up in wine country. I’ll be riding with some good friends of mine, one of whom – Dunagan – has a father affected by MS. Dunagan and some other friends have put up a website for our team, WeFightMS.com, with a bunch of very entertaining and funny videos. Check them out! I’m massively out of…