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    Advertising FAIL

    Earlier today Yelp! sent out their weekly email newsletter with the following headline: “Put the fun between your legs”. A little suggestive, certainly, but it was the next line that really made me do a double-take: “This Weekly Yelp brought to you by SF Women Against Rape”

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    Since my blogging is so infrequent, mostly due to the fact that it’s a little tedious posting short missives and links, I’ve started a Posterous account. You can find my posts over here. I will still continue to blog in this space from time to time; in fact, I’m working on a post right now. But this space will be mostly reserved for more substantive and/or thoughtful posts, whereas my Posterous account will be for the fun, quick, easily consumed bits of info.

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    A.P. Achieves New Depths of Cluelessness

    You really couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. The Associated Press is well on its way to becoming the RIAA of the news industry. Their latest stunt involves one of their VPs sending a cease and desist letter to a Tennessee radio station (WTNQ), asking them to remove an AP video they had embedded on WTNQ’s website from YouTube. The source of the YouTube video content? None other than the AP’s own YouTube channel. That’s right – the AP’s right hand doesn’t even know what it’s left hand is doing. I guess no one told their legal department that they actually have their own YouTube channel on which…

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    This guy created an incredible original composition from a number of different YouTube songs & videos. If this doesn’t make a strong case in favor of Creative Commons, I don’t know what does.

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    Snack Stadium Supreme

    Probably the greatest snack food creation I have ever seen in my entire life. Guacamole, salsa, a pound of bacon, and a pile of Twinkies… just to name some of the ingredients. via Anne Hubert. Originally posted on Holy Taco.

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    Sex Up Your Shopping Cart

    It’s not often I get excited about shopping carts. But I just discovered Foxy Cart and it looks like the shopping cart solution I’ve been wanting for as long I can remember. At Joby we use Netsuite for our shopping cart, and one of my chief frustrations is how locked in we are to their shitty UI design. It’s truly awful. It takes at least 6 steps to get through the entire checkout process, entering discount codes is completely unintuitive, and customizing the look and feel is very limited and a pain in the ass. FoxyCart seems to solve most of these problems, and I wish I had a project…

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    What’s Your Real Twitter Cred? – A Better Metric

    People who propose a count of followers or followees on Twitter as a meaningful measure of a user's "authority" are completely missing the mark. Twitter is a social, interactive tool, so to measure influence properly we need a more appropriate metric. In this post I detail what those measures should look like and why they're so much better at describing influence.